One of the benefits (if you see it that way) of living and dining in Manhattan is that celebrity sightings are a part of everyday life. Last week, I gave a brief take on the celebrity chef phenomenon , and of course, within a couple of days, I found myself sitting at a table behind […]

April 29th, 2008

That Powder’s Not Sugar

I met Celest at Think, one of our favorite casual meet-up spots, for coffee on Saturday afternoon. I wanted to finally see her photos and get the details on her Parisian adventure; she needed to hear the latest on the Italiano (good: he helped me through a recent mouse-spotting crisis at my house/ bad: I’m not wild about […]

April 22nd, 2008

Celebrity Chefs

No surprise—there’s a lot of hoopla about celebrity chefs these days. They’re deified and defiled, honored and skewered, loved and loathed. And I am as ambivalent about the culinary stars as anybody. On the one hand, I take it as an inevitability that Americans are attracted to the celebritizing of anything, so why not food? And […]

April 17th, 2008

Candy and Corvettes, by Erin

Despite having lived in the world’s greatest culinary melting pot for 11 years now, despite a long line of Italian grandmothers preceding me, and despite operating one of the hottest catering companies around, I admit my tastes and food preferences are often less than refined. Kimberly scolds me for this.  Even as a small child and adolescent, […]

Have you noticed…?  The Union Square Greenmarket has moved! To the south side of the park. It’s not as jarring as the Fulton Fish Market’s hike up to the Bronx, but it was shocking nonetheless. When the Italian and I rode up to the market on Wednesday in the dreamy afternoon sunshine, Vespa purring beneath us, we were traumatized to see […]

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