January 30th, 2008

Cabrales, Come Hither…

Last night I visited relatives in New Jersey. It’s true; I have them. Now, I’ve actually had a few good meals in the ‘Jerz, but this time around, there was none. We went to The Frog and the Peach in downtown New Brunswick (home to Rutgers University), which is supposed to be one of the finest restaurants […]

Baby, it’s cold outside, but it’s so cozy its sweltering inside my 5th floor walkup. I just made Chicken Pot Pie and Cinnamon Sugar Cookies. So, my home smells like comfort but feels like Miami in July! You see, I have no control over the heat in my apartment, and in what must be my […]

Yeah! Winter Restaurant Week is finally upon us! One of my favorite weeks in the New York City calendar has arrived—it’s time to dine like a mogul on a mouse-sized budget. In the past, I’ve tried tons of new restaurants and classicManhattan institutions during this magical, frugal time of year. It is the time to sample places on your radar, but out of reach […]

January 21st, 2008

The Men Cleanse, by Amanda

A few days ago I woke up feeling disgusting. I was hung-over and I’d smoked too much the night before. For weeks now, it seems like I’ve been eating everything in sight. I feel bloated. During the holidays—in France, then California, finally New York—I was faced at every corner with plates of homemade Christmas cookies, […]

My bright, young cousin Natalie, a constant running buddy since she came to study at NYU in 2006, is moving to Parisfor the next six months! I’ll miss our Grey Dog lunches and Sunday night movie dates while she’s immersed at The Sorbonne, seeking out the company of romantic young Frenchmen (who, I’ve already warned her, will most […]

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