Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kimberly’s Food Fantasies for ’08

xmasDear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year. I have eaten my veggies, been nice to my brother, and my Italian teacher gave me all A’s on my orals. I go to bed when asked and take naps when told. I read every night and never skip breakfast. When dark, sometimes I sneak chocolate. And sometimes I skip school. But I’m really a good girl and unless there’s a grill to go along with that coal (and a rooftop terrace to boot) I hope that you and Rudolph will come to my chimney bearing gifts of delish (I made cookies):

1. A Viking (stove)

2. Candlelit dinner of fresh-caught salmon in a castle in Scotland

3. A table at The French Laundry

4. A nutmeg grinder to save my knuckles

5. Knives…good ones…maybe Misono

6. A new Mas (farmhouse) that delivers at 2 a.m.

7. Make Sara eat

8. Bring Amanda home for my birthday cake in March

9. Someone to sous vide for

10. A bottle of Firebelle, or several
p.s. I’m not fucking around, fruit cake please (Mom’s)

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One Response to “Kimberly’s Food Fantasies for ’08”

  1. rahlheim

    As you can clearly read, I have seen the blog of the blogettes. Luv it.
    Mama Ahlheim

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