Saturday, December 22, 2007

Erin’s Food Fantasies for ’08

erinDear Santa,

It goes without saying that all I really want for Christmas is my man, my fam, and to be edited back into that Macy’s ad I shot with P. Diddy! Of course, if you need more suggestions, I’d adore:

1. For Brach’s Candy Corn to be sold year-round

2. A fondue party with the entire Tribe

3. The secret recipe to my mother’s apple pie

4. Many late night sticky toffee bread pudding and french fries at Schiller’s Liquor Bar with my guy

5. A lifetime supply of Diet Coke

6. A brick oven of my own that makes pizza that tastes as good as John’s in the West Village, or Lombardi’s in SoHo

7. For Amanda’s wheat and cheese allergies to go away so she can remember how heavenly Blue Ribbon Bakery Bread and Murray’s Cheese can taste together

8. A movie theatre popcorn popper for my house!

9. For an elf to roll all the truffles Kimberly insists on for every Dinner Belle event

10. Decent craft service on all the sets in ’08

Thanks Santa!
Love, Erin

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