Sunday, December 23, 2007

Celest’s Food Fantasies for ’08

celest_001Santa Darling~

I’m not big on things for the home unless they hang in my closet. Couldn’t care less about what’s in my fridge unless it’s a vintage bottle of Krug. If presents must be given, I’d like a classic clutch in which to tote around the cash I’ll need to make for each of the following adventures to happen in 2008:

1. A 10-year friends anniversary dinner with Sara at Country

2. To take Kimberly to the Hill Country (Texas, that is, not my favorite spot on 26th St.)

3. Daddy’s prime rib on Christmas day

4. A return trip to Cabana Las Lilas in Buenos Aires

5. Downing a whole bowl of Linda Gavigan’s guacamole…in Dallas…while watching the Cowboys beat the Pats during the Superbowl

6. Sharing croissant and café au lait with Mother at a café in Paris across the street from the Louvre

7. A pasta tasting menu at Babbo with someone special…

8. To learn to love scallops, beets, bleu cheese, eggplant, offal

9. Some fucking decent Tex-Mex in NYC; please

10. Blue Hill Stone Barns. Period.

Thanks a million ($)!

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