Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bourbon Bonbons

bonbonI know I suggested that I prefer rye to bourbon in yesterday’s post, but the truth is that a Bookers or Maker’s Mark is a much better pairing for my fave dessert crave: chocolate. Dark.

The other night, a well-mannered gentleman treated me to some decadence at The Tasting Room. We started with a much-touted (on his part) pâté of duck liver, served alongside a Molasses Gastrique with beets, concord grapes and scallions. (For instructions on making your own foie gras en torchon check out The Amateur Gourmet’s humorous step-by-step instructions.) The duck delivered on its promise of sophisticated indulgence, but for the ultimate in delicious, I have to praise the Bittersweet Chocolate Pots de Crème made with bourbon and molasses, accompanied by miniature coconut macaroons I used as edible spoons. Naughty date maneuver: I hoarded it, licking every last smear of custard from my fingertips.

But, I went home alone and frankly, not full from Tasting. Perhaps the gentleman would have preferred my fingers through his hair, not his dessert, but pouty is never a turn on, so I got in the cab solo. Suffice to say, I was still looking for satisfaction and pining for more chocolate when I raided my fridge at 2AM. Low and behold, I found the fix I needed in my very own bourbon bonbons, which I had leftover from The Supper Club Holiday Party I catered a couple nights prior.

These are a Kimberly Belle signature, sure to jazz up any holiday spread or take the place of a man in your bed.

Bourbon Bonbons (makes about 4 dozen)

• 2 bags Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

• 1 ½ cups Heavy Cream

• 4 TB Bourbon

• Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

* Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate: an optional cocoa powder with a kick

* Gold Leaf: an optional indulgence for holiday elegance

This could not be easier come cookie season. Combine chocolate chips and heavy cream in a heavy-bottomed, medium saucepan; melt over low heat, stirring occasionally. Add bourbon and stir until blended. Pour into a baking dish. Refrigerate for about 2 hours or until mixture is fudgey but soft, stirring occasionally.

Shape mixture by tablespoonfuls into 1-1/4-inch balls; place on parchment paper.

Cover a shallow bowl with cocoa powder, or if the spirit moves you, Jacques Torres’ Wicked Hot Chocolate. I love this spicy alternative to plain-Jane cocoa. Roll balls in cocoa. Bonbons can be refrigerated for 3 days or frozen for several weeks.

If you’re feeling fancy, place the bonbons in petit four or paper candy cups. If you’re feeling flush, roll the balls a second time in gold leaf to add a bit of glitter.

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  1. Jade

    I made a half-batch last weekend for a friend’s birthday … and by Monday, my roommate had eaten all but four of them! Such an amazingly delicious and easy recipe, thanks.

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