Friday, November 30, 2007

Supper Club Holiday Party Hollaback

crostiniCelest: I’ll admit I was confused about where the event was even supposed to be. “Surprise location” and all…

Kimberly: Why? Did you think it was at the Gramercy Park Hotel? I heard some people made that mistake.

Celest: Yeah, at first. But Remy was my date for the evening and she knew better than I about Phillipe Stark’s studio. So we went to the Rose Bar at the hotel for a drink first.

Erin: Oh, how was it? I’ve wanted to go for awhile.

celest-soloCelest: Well, there are some pretty spectacular pieces of art–Schnable, Warhol, etc.–since the remodeling, and it is a cozy space for being so large. Our cocktail waitress was even pretty adorable and on her game, but the drinks were $19! apiece, and wholly uninspiring. It’s not where I’d choose to hang out, frankly.

Kimberly: That’s too bad, ’cause the idea of hotel bars is always SOOO appealing to me around the holidays! And you were certainly dressed for $20 cocktails! But, what’d you think about the Supper Club party once you got there?

Celest: Honestly, I had a great time and met some interesting characters. Do you know and Karyn Bosnak? She was lovely! Very hip and fascinating to talk to; I’ll search her out and introduce you at a future event, if you haven’t met her.

Kimberly: Cool.

choc-1Celest: Yeah. I woke up this morning with a pounding champagne headache (my fault) and a bruise from having been BITTEN at the end of the night by that odd, drunk guy with the gold tie (not my fault)!

Kimberly: What?!

Celest: Yes! You know, I was wearing my off the shoulder, grey number, and this guy just walked up behind me and chomped down. Hard.

Erin: Yuck!

Celest: Luckily, Karyn, who I’d just met, she jumped to my defense and got him thrown out of the party by security! Such an angel. (And she has a picture of him up on her site; she calls him a “freak”).

Kimberly: Indeed.

erin-and-kimErin: Well, that’s a terrible ending to a fancy party, Darling!

Celest: I know! I’ve never come home from such a fete and had to disinfect! What was it like for The Dinner Belles?

Erin: At the beginning of the night, I found the models, hired to man the champagne bar (the one set up in the bathtub) and pass out glasses of Moet, scarfing down our truffled-parmesan crisps in the service area!

“No, no models,” I scolded, “those are for guests only!”

Kimberly: Yeah, but then we started to like the models, ‘cause they kept ducking into the kitchen prep area, bringing us flutes of champagne!

chocolate Erin: I know. By the end of the night, they were having a great time with our super-cool crew. Besides, I was happy to see those girls eating something!

Kimberly: Fuckin’ stick figures, one and all…But lovely…

Celest: The food really was fantastic, ladies. I heard sooo many compliments. I particularly loved the very festive chocolate bar! Even Tamsin kept asking me if I’d had one of those homemade chocolate–covered pretzel yet…

Kimberly: Thanks Doll. I did love designing the food pairings for each of those different “alcohol stations” in each room. And Erin really made everything look so beautiful, don’t you think? Our crew were having a blast with each other in the kitchen (and they loved that you kept coming back to give updates on the score of the Cowboys/Packers game!), so we were pleased with our work, but went home exhausted.

Erin: And now, I can’t wait for us all to unwind at my party tomorrow night! It’s gonna be a blast! Kisses ladies!!

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