Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where to Eat…

There’s no doubt we are experiencing an Indian Summer here in New York. We are faced with two choices: embrace the warm (80 degrees!) October weather as a reprieve from the inevitable cold of the coming months and “play summer” for a little while longer (think Coronas at Dos Caminos) or kid ourselves and sweat it out in fetching tights and jackets, pretending we have a crisp season on our hands (think beef short ribs at August). This week, I think I’ll relish my open-toed shoes and choose to sit outside on a patio, but damn, Autumn, I’m waiting on you with bated-breath…

this week: Toloache
the strong sun screams “margaritas,” and The Strong Buzz just gave this place a great review

this season: Park Avenue Autumn
it reinvents itself every season, so as soon as the temperature finally cools, you can head over and revel in its autumnal elegance

anytime you can get it: Mas (farmhouse)
the constantly-updated seasonal menu is wonderfully nuanced; they always seem to have just the thing to match your mood and that of the temperamental weather gods

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One Response to “Where to Eat…”

  1. hannahmh

    ew! today it’s climbing up to nearly 90 degrees. it’s the worst kind of soupy smelly new york heat, too. oh fall, how ready i am! on the other hand, last night was crisp and breezy and maybe even a little cool. i shared a bottle or two of wine with friends outside at an unassuming bistro in morningside–my neighborhood. we had white, of course (a sauvignon blanc from canada, which was surprisingly tasty). i will know it’s fall when i need a jacket to sit outside and i actually want red. bring it.

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