Sunday, September 30, 2007

Greenmarket Blues

That’s it; I’ve had it. There will be no more Greenmarket for me on an Autumn weekend afternoon! I always look forward to Saturdays in the Square, but today was just unmanageable. Too many people, too hot, all the best produce gone. I could barely get close enough to talk to the vendors about their wares…and if I can’t shoot the breeze about what’s seasonal and exceptional right now, why even go? As much as it pains and panics me to think about it, I suppose I may want to start getting up early and heading over there by 7 or 8AM. Eeek! But who knows, could be great—I’ll arrive just as all the boys in chefs’ jackets and checkered pants are picking out their produce. Maybe I’ll see some restaurant friends—those who only ever see Nighttime Me. That is to say, Me.

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